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31 Aug 2017

It is not at all a difficult task to get an E-2 visa after starting a new business. On the other hand, the process would be a bit more complicated since a financier needs to spend all the essential funds to begin the business as well as show the proof of reimbursement and basis of the funds in the procedures of receipts and such. This should be done for all the expenditure on the visa process.


Overall, the investor might be asked to show the amount of amount of money that has been invested if that matches with the actual amount they can start such a business in the specific industry. What's more, these funds should be “irrevocably committed” to show that the company is truthfully underway, for instance, a new shop would need to demonstrate that it by now has a location, gear and its set up. On the other hand, a service business might have a lower capitalized amount, so it is an upright idea to purchase as many things essential to prove a recognized business idea. These savings are necessary for addition to a realistic amount of standard working capital.

In addition to that, the business idea itself should have a convincing case that can make others have faith in that it would be a rationally profitable venture. A comprehensive business plan with a healthy supplement of supporting documents would help confirm the expected revenues. If there is no self-governing and trustworthy source to back up the anticipated revenues, then the corporate plan is incomplete, and the candidate might need to contemplate a substitute plan.

Buying an Existing Business to Get E-2 Visa

On the other hand, if you are purchasing an available business, there should be a signed agreement, and the capitals are amounting to the purchase price should be kept in an escrow version. (The funds can be reimbursed if the E2 visa Abogado Miami is not settled.)

Another recommendation would be representing that the investor has run a business before. It would be especially advantageous to boosting trustworthiness if the company is close to the one beginning or obtained.

Lastly, the investor has to determine that he is competent to develop as well as direct the business. This can either be through know-how, education, or both the more, the better since an investor needing experience would have a difficult time safeguarding this visa.


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